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APS Stevedoring

Who We Are

APS Stevedoring, LLC is an auto and break bulk / general cargo stevedoring company headquartered in LongBeach, CA.  Founded in 2011, APS Stevedoring is the largest 100 percent family owned stevedoring company in the United States. APS is committed to the values of customer services and long term relationships. 

APS Stevedoring first began operations at the Port of Richmond, CA in October 2011 discharging Honda automobiles.  In early 2012 APS started operations in Portland, OR managing the Honda and Hyundai terminals as well as vessel operations.  In January 2013 APS opened business in Vancouver, WA discharging Subaru automobiles. 

APS began operations in Jacksonville, FL in February 2015 discharging Grimaldi Lines vessels with Fiats and Jeep Renegades.  APS also started 
working for Volkswagen Transport VM in Jacksonville in April of 2015. 

In October of 2015 APS was awarded all auto/roro business for Mitsui OSK Lines in Jacksonville and Brunswick, GA making APS one of the largest auto/roro stevedoring companies in the US southeast. 

APS started operations in Tacoma, WA in January of 2016 discharging Kia automobiles for Hyundai Glovis and Eukor Car Carriers. 

In November of 2016 APS started operations in Houston, Texas unloading Chrysler vehicles on Grimaldi vessels making Houston APS’ 7th US port.
APS was awarded the Volkswagen Transport business in Houston In January 2017.

APS Stevedoring is continually looking to grow into additional ports and commodities as opportunities arise.  A fundamental value of APS is openness towards true partnerships.


5,000,000th Vehicle Handled By APS in Tacoma, WA

APS Stevedoring reached a new milestone today. During the discharge of Kia vehicles from the M.V. Grand Race at Terminal 7 in Tacoma WA. we handled our 5 Millionth automobile. What seemed like a far away goal when the company started in October 2011 in Richmond CA. has taken 9 years to achieve, but it’s been a fun journey along the way. We are now operating in 7 ports around the US and looking forward to our continued growth. Thanks to our customers, ILA and ILWU workforce, port partners and our own management staff for helping us reach this impressive goal, we appreciate you all!


January 4th, 2021: APS expands their east coast operations by opening at the Port of Baltimore, Maryland discharging 1,190 vehicles from the Siem Confucius Voy 008H for VW Transport. APS was awarded the stevedoring for VW Transport and APS is expected to handle more than 110,000 units annually at the Port of Baltimore. The APS Operations Team will follow processes established APS processes and procedures to provide VW with superior service.

APS Achieves Another Milestone

APS Stevedoring reached another milestone August 7th, 2018. During the loading of the GMT Astro in Portland, OR we handled our 3 Millionth automobile.

We unloaded our first Honda in Richmond CA on October 28th,2011 from the Salvia Ace and in less than seven years we have grown to service more than a dozen customers in seven ports nationwide with full service stevedoring of both import and export automobiles and high and heavy cargo.

We are very proud of our management and union workforce who have all worked together to build APS as the premier Ro-Ro stevedore and look forward to our continued expansion and partnerships.

We’d like to thank our customers for their continued support, without their confidence and backing we could never have achieved this remarkable goal in such a short timeframe.


We are very happy to see a return of US built Honda vehicles for export from the Port of Portland. Yesterday APS Stevedoring loaded 100 Accords onto the “Glovis Phoenix” for discharge in Pyeongtaek. These new export models are being combined with the Ford & Lincoln exports volumes already being handled fora seamless, timely and damage free transit option to South Korea.


March 5, 2018: The APS operation at the Port of
Richmond, CA went the whole calendar year of 2017 without a loss time accident. This is a major achievement in the port where APS Stevedoring first began in 2011. In doing so, the Richmond operation won the Coast Award for Class C Stevedore with the best Safety Record. They also received three other awards: for a reduction in lost time injuries, one year without a loss time injury, and the Northern CA Area award for Class C Stevedore with the best safety record. Great job Derrick and Chad!

Nick Mori is the new Manager Sales and Marketing for APS Stevedoring!

Reporting to President John Hering, Mori will be focused on
customer service, rate negotiations, promoting the company, and acquiring new business for APS Stevedoring.

Mori began his maritime career in 1989 with Mitsui OSK Line, holding positions in pricing and marketing.  He transferred to Hyundai Merchant Marine’s pricing department in 1994 in order to remain in Southern California. In 1997, Mitsui OSK Lines container division called upon Mori to return to the company in the operations and equipment control departments. Then, from 2000-2018, he worked in MOL Bulk RoRo/Car Carrier vessel operations, scheduling, customer service and sales.

APS Portland wins PMA safety awards - For a 3rd time!

March 2, 2016: APS’ Portland operation received two awards at the annual Oregon Area Safety Banquet:  one for a reduction in accident frequency
from the previous year and they won the Area Award for class C stevedoring
companies for the lowest frequency. This is a great accomplishment by Ben, Tim
and their team. It shows what hard work and sticking to principals and
processes can accomplish. This is the third time in 5 years they have won the
area award.

Jason Winter signs on with APS

January 1, 2017: Noted stevedoring industry expert Jason Winter has been hired by APS Stevedoring for
the position of Vice President. Jason will assist President John Hering and the
APS team to refine operational processes and procedures and to continue the phenomenal growth APS has experienced in the last five years. Jason has been in the stevedoring industry for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in
auto/roro operations as well as break bulk. APS is very fortunate to have Jason
join what is already the best team in the business.

APS opens in Houston

January 1, 2017: APS opened its 8th US port operation in the Port of Houston, Texas in November 2016. With Willis Cassidy as Site Manager, APS is handling Grimaldi vessels with Fiat/Chrysler units at the new Bayport Roro Terminal. In January, APS added VW stevedoring at City Docks Terminal in Houston. Together, APS will handle over 100,000 units between the two Houston terminals. Brett Otteman has been hired to assist Mr. Cassidy with the Houston operation.

APS Announces Promotions

January 1, 2016: APS is proud to announce the promotions of Mike Kim to Director of Finance and Ben Thamert to General Manager Pacific Northwest. Mike has been with APS from day one and has handled all financial aspects for the company. Ben began as Site Manager in Portland helping set up the APS operation at the Hyundai Terminal. Since, he helped APS expand to the Honda Terminal in Portland, setting up
operations in Vancouver, Washington and he was integral in setting up the APS operation in Tacoma. Congratulations to Mike and Ben!

APS Starts Operations in Tacoma, Washington

January 5th 2016: APS stevedoring opened operations in Tacoma, Washington discharging Kia automobiles for steamship lines Eukor Car Carriers, Inc and Hyundai Glovis, Co, Ltd. APS will handle around 90,000 units annually. The first APS vessel discharged was the GMT Astro with 2,515 units on January 5, 2016. 10 year stevedoring industry veteran Mark Mrzena is the APS Site Manager in Tacoma.              

APS Celebrates 5 years!

October 1, 2016: On October 1, 2016 APS Stevedoring, LLC celebrated its 5th anniversary. APS started operations October 2011 in Richmond, CA discharging Honda vessels for steamship line ACT Maritime. John Gibson was site manager in Richmond and along with Mike Kim and John Hering comprised all of the APS staff. 5 years later, APS is operating in 8 ports in the west coast, east coast and gulf. It has 18 full time employees and will handle over 800,000 rolling units in 2017.

APS begins VW Jacksonville Operations

April 29, 2015: APS Stevedoring discharged 998 VW units from the Chesapeake Highway for the first arrival of VWs into Jacksonville, FL.  VW moved from the port of Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville with over 100,000 units expected annually.

Porsche Begins Jacksonville Calls

October 2015: APS Stevedoring has begun handling Porsche cars in Jacksonville, FL.  Porsche previously discharged at the port of Brunswick, GA. Porsche is carried by VW Transport with annual volume around 15,000 units.

APS Jacksonville and Brunswick Teams Solidified

October 2015: Announcing the APS management teams in Jacksonville, FL and Brunswick, GA:                                                                                                 Jacksonville: Jason Vanier and Hank Hart Superintendents and Mark Wisniewski Office Manager.                                                

Brunswick:  Buster Clark Site Manager and Jonathan Drury Superintendent.

APS Awarded MOL and NMCC Business in Jacksonville and Brunswick

November 2015:  APS Stevedoring has been awarded all of the stevedoring business for Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, and Nissan Motor Car Carrier Co. in Jacksonville, FL and Brunswick GA. Total annual volume between the two ports is expected to exceed 250,000 units. Manufacturers being handled include Nissan, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mazda, Honda and Subaru.

APS adds Sallaum Lines in Jax

November 2015: APS Stevedoring has been awarded the stevedoring for Sallaum Lines in Jacksonville, FL. Sallaum runs vessels from the east coast US to West Africa. Sallaum usually has two vessel calls per month in Jacksonville loading used cars and equipment.

APS Starts Tacoma Operations

January 2016: APS Stevedoring has been awarded the stevedoring for Eukor Car Carriers, Inc and Hyundai Glovis Co. Ltd in Tacoma, WA. The first APS vessel was the GMT Astro for Hyundai Glovis on January 5th with 2515 Kia automobiles discharged. Expected volume for the two steamship lines is expected to exceed 85,000 units annually. Mark Mrzena is the Site Manager for APS in Tacoma. Mark joins APS with over 10 years of experience in the stevedoring industry.

APS Handles Its 1,000,000 Unit

January 12, 2016: APS Stevedoring reached one million units handled since inception on January 12, 2016. APS had two vessels working that day with the K Line vessel Viking Coral working in Richmond, CA and the Sagittarius Leader working in Richmond, CA for NYK. APS was founded in October of 2011 with the first operation in Richmond, CA. APS is now working in 6 ports on both coasts of the US.

APS Portland wins PMA safety awards - AGAIN!

March 12, 2015: APS Stevedoring's Portland operation took home two safety awards at the annual Oregon Area Safety Banquet.  The APS Portland operations took the best safety performance for a Class C Stevedoring Company in 2014.  APS Portland also won the Area Award for 2012.  Ben Thamert and his team have now won the Oregon Area Award for 2 of its 3 years in existence.

Derrick Sierra Promoted to Site Manager

March 1, 2015: Derrick Sierra has been promoted to the position of Site Manager in the Port of Richmond, CA. Derrick was promoted from Operations Manager with the retirement of John Gibson. The Port of Richmond auto facility sees close to 100,000 Subaru and Honda units arrive by ocean vessel annually.

APS Stevedoring starts operations on the east coast

February 22, 2015: APS opened their east coast operations in the Port of Jacksonville, Florida discharging 2,210 Jeep Renegade units from the CSCC Shanghai for Grimaldi Lines. This was the first shipment of the new Jeep Renegade for Jacksonville. The Port of Jacksonville expects about 45,000 Jeep Renegades to arrive this year.

APS has first operation in Vancouver, Washington

January 8, 2014: APS had their first stevedoring operation in the Port of Vancouver, WA. Ben Thamert and his team working with ILWU Local 4 discharged 1,678 Subaru automobiles from the NYK Lines vessel Green Point. APS has secured a share of the Subaru import business each month for NYK.

APS Portland wins PMA safety award!

APS Stevedoring wins PMA safety awards for 2012 accident prevention.  At the recent Pacific Maritime Assocation’s 64th Annual Safety Awards Banquet in Oregon, APS Stevedoring, LLC received two awards for its Portland operations.  On the local level, APS received the First Place Oregon Area Safety Award Group “C” Stevedor.  On the coast level, a Coast Accident Prevention Award A (One-Year) Zero Injury Rate went to APS Stevedoring, Oregon, Pacific Northwest Area. 

APS’ President John Hering commented on the company’s achievements. “This is a great accomplishment for a start-up company and says much about APS’ dedication to safety,” Hering said. “I cannot say enough about Site Manager Ben Thamert and the great job he and the entire APS team has done.” PMA safety awards rules are established by the awards committee. The awards committee is composed of members from all areas on the West Coast. Award winners are determined by companies attaining the lowest incident rate within their category. Companies are divided into categories and subcategories based on their type of operation and the number of hours worked for an entire year by longshoremen, clerks, and foremen. The categories are stevedoring companies, container companies, terminal companies, bulk operators and lines companies.

APS Stevedoring Announces New East Coast Vice President

APS Stevedoring LLS, auto and general cargo/break bulk stevedoring company headquartered in Long Beach, recently announced the appointment of Donald E. Rupert as its vice president East Coast.Reporting directly to President John Hering, Rupert will be in charge of developing and overseeing business opportunities for APS Stevedoring in the U.S. East Coast and Gulf regions. Rupert has more than 35 years in the transportation industry, having worked for such respected companies as P&O Ports, Hoegh Autoliners, U.S. Navigation, Maher Terminals and Roadway Express.“APS Stevedoring is very fortunate to have someone with Don’s background join our family,” Hering said. “Don brings a level of respect and experience unmatched in the industry. I am looking forward to working closely with Don in developing new business and continuing to provide APS’s customers the finest quality service. Throughout Don’s career he has demonstrated the importance of developing and maintaining relationships, which is the core value of APS Stevedoring.”


This is the home of the APS Stevedoring corporate headquarters.

Corporate Headquarters

3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 125
Long Beach, CA 90806
Richmond, CA

Honda and Subaru Port Operations


1311 Canal Blvd.
Richmond, CA 94804
510-234-1817 x4783
Portland, OR

Honda Port Operations

Portland – Honda

6347 North Marine Drive
Portland,  OR 97203
Portland, OR


Portland – Hyundai/Ford

8235 N Marine Drive
Portland,  OR 97203
Vancouver, WA

Subaru Port Operations

Vancouver – Subaru

3309 NW Gateway Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660
Jacksonville, FL

Jeep Renegades, VW, Audi, Bentley, Nissan, Mazda, and Porsche.


9980 Blount Island Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32226
Tacoma, WA



2810 Marshall Ave
Suite B
Tacoma, WA 98421
Brunswick, GA

Mercedes and BMW


109 SCM Road
Brunswick, GA 31523
Houston, TX

FCA Port Operations


12855 Cruise Road 
Seabrook, TX 77586

VW Port Operations


1600 Sparrows Point Blvd Sparrows Point, MD 21219

Our customers

Vehicle Customers

Ship Carriers

Volkswagen Transport


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APS Stevedoring, LLC is an auto and break bulk / general cargo stevedoring company headquartered in LongBeach, CA.  

Founded in 2011, APS Stevedoring is the largest 100 percent family owned stevedoring company in the United States. APS is committed to the values of customer services and long term relationships. 

APS Stevedoring is continually looking to grow into additional ports and commodities as opportunities arise.  A fundamental value of APS is openness towards true partnerships.


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Auto Warehousing Company has over 50 years of experience providing the services, installation, and logistic needs of our Automotive and Railroad customers.  From our customers to our associates, all are treated fairly, equally, and with respect.
We believe in empowering our managers, thus allowing them to react quickly to our customers’ needs.

AWC continually embrace new technology allowing us to further increase efficiency and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. Continuing education and training is a priority at AWC, so our customers can reap the benefit of the most skilled workforce available.

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